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Being the capital of the nation, Delhi is known as the center of India. The city has a population of over 9370475 approx. where four languages are extensively spoken Hindi, English, Punjabi and Urdu in addition to over hundreds of dialects. The history of this metropolitan city is very rich and extensive. It has been ruled by many rulers and is regarded as the heart of India.


Delhi has a unique weather which changes and fluctuates with the seasons. It is a city with a weather that is hot in April. The winter season approaches in almost the month of September or October. The monsoon in the city is marvelous. In all, it is a city which has a charm of all the seasons.

It has been divided into two parts Old and New Delhi. The markets of Delhi are very famous for handicrafts, accessories and many such interesting things. It has a marvel that strikes the attention of tourists with its historical monuments and is outstanding in terms of excellence.

Travel and Tourism

The tourists can be found in every season in the capital to explore the culture and history of the city. Most of them are even impressed to an extent that they research about the city. There may have been rise and fall to some level in the economic growth of Delhi however it has always tried to keep its travel and tourism ahead. The maintenance of the historical monuments like Jama Masjid, Lal Quila, Qutub Minar prove the aforesaid point.

It is love at first sight for people who have visited the capital as they explore the beauty of the city. They can travel in the cabs, luxury buses or the newly build metro trains. If they are seeking information about various places they can hire a travel guide. The hotels here are in abundance and tourists can stay here during their tour. They can even purchase a map to self guide themselves and explore the various places of the city.


Delhi has all types of facilities that are useful for everyone. Education is a very crucial sector in Delhi. The university and colleges here are deemed as the best institutions for enlightening the young minds with the relevant knowledge. They impart knowledge to the students which is in accordance with current times. The schools and colleges that are the institutions of training the learners in their initial years follow an updated study module that are aimed at nurturing talent and fostering learning. The education in Delhi is given significance to an extent that people from the West and neighboring countries come to Delhi and grab knowledge to shape their career on the basis of their education in Delhi.

Real estate

The land which has been attracting the kings and rulers has a very graceful history.

One can find the glorious past by stepping in the city. It is worth investing in the real estate of Delhi because there is massive property here. The buyers and purchasers have a chance to get acquainted to the real estate of Delhi as it offers very attractive deals.

If you want to know more about Delhi then you can definitely plan out a week off and visit the city. The airports of Delhi are there to welcome the tourists and once you have stepped on the roads the metro gives you a pleasurable journey to your destination.